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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bakewell Bridge over the Wye

Last Tuesday - our Ezra's first day at nursery in Bakewell. We picked him up at noon and after a quick nap he was ready for a tour along the Wye to point out the swans, cygnets, Canada geese, moorhens and a variety of ducks. Here he is - in his no. 2 pram with Grannie Liz. The bridge in the background is the main road from Sheffield into Bakewell.


  1. I discovered your art at Hassop Station, and have followed your blog since. I wish I could have witnessed you sketching this piece, but alas I was in Bakewell last Monday. :-) Your artwork is very inspiring; it makes me want to take a sketchbook wherever I go.


  2. Thanks Lisa. We take our Ezra's Diary with us every time we take him on our flaneuring / loafing strolls in North Derbyshire so I have no excuse not to sketch, my wife does the text. Hope he'll get some pleasure out of it in the future. I'm SO happily retired I feel slightly guilty.

    1. I'm sure he will, and what a wonderful momentum. :-) I live 1-2 hours drive away from the pretty places like Bakewell, Castleton, Dovedale, etc. and am SO jealous of your location visits, but not enough to warrant guilt trips ... enjoy it! :-)