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Friday, 15 August 2014

Oxford - Bridge of Sighs

My first ever visit to Oxford. The city is not only jam packed with bicycles and dreaming finials/pinnacles but it has a Bridge of Sighs. That's me sitting on the steps of a side door to the Sheldonian Theatre sketching the view.


  1. You're back! I have missed your art. :-) The watercolour looks amazing; it reminds me a little of Cambridge (but I haven't been to Oxford). I hope you had a nice time there.

    Lisa x

    1. Been so busy this nice summer doing external house maintenance including using my 70th birthday aluminium ladders repairing our roof. It was a bit scary 18ft up there especially with wasps buzzing me - but I was blocking up their home! Might try Cambridge next year. Oxford was magic.

    2. You're braver than I - any buzzing and I'm gone. :-) Cambridge is lovely, I highly recommend it. England has so many wonderful places.